Lab of the Living Dead

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What is Lab of the Living Dead?

Lab of the Living Dead

Lab of the Living Dead is here to show you that scientists not being careful can cause a zombie apocalypse, which is precisely what happened, or maybe not. It's still not gone worldwide, which is why you have to defeat all the zombies in the laboratory and prevent them from getting out, which is what we invite you to do right now with one of the best new action-packed games on our website!

Can you survive through the Lab of the Living Dead?

The game has 10 levels in total, and in each one, you need to accomplish a different task. For example, in Level 1 you need to collect the blueprints of the laboratory, so they don't get into the wrong hands, alive or undead.

As you storm forward, using the right and left arrows to move, slash down zombies by pressing the spacebar, the attack button, and in the first level you will use an ax against them, and down the road other weapons, even guns.

Use the down arrow key to pick up items, either because they are required, or to use them against the zombie enemies. Each new level features more scary enemies, but we are sure that you will get stronger and braver too, and will defeat them all nonetheless!

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How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.