Dead Faces Clone Online

Dead Faces Clone Online

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Dead Faces Clone Online
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Dead Faces Clone Online Overview


Dead Faces Clone Online is the perfect horror game online in 3D to start off the day, because if you begin your day by getting scared like this, you won't have anything else to bring fear into you for the rest of it, and you will be very brave and confident, so let's start with this survival game right now, as we will explain it to you, making sure you can give it your best!

Run from the Dead Faces Clone Online!

Move using the WASD keys, look around with the mouse, and use its two buttons to aim and fire. Change your weapons with the mouse wheel, press R to reload, E to interact or pick up items, run by holding shift, and crouch with CTRL.

An arrow will float around and show you where to go, so follow it through the creepy dark rooms and corridors, pick up items and weapons, and use them to unlock doors and discover secrets, when you meet the clones with dead faces, shoot them up and kill them.

If you get caught and killed by the monsters instead, you will lose, obviously. Do not let it happen, but be brave and face all your fears, until you've finished all the six scary stages of this game!

How to play?

Use WASD, the mouse, shift, ctrl, R, E.

Tips & Tricks

  • Keep an inventory of weapons and tools to face the dead face clones.
  • Run away and hide if you cannot defeat the monsters.
  • Keep a mental note of all the comments you have about items, to see how you can use them appropriately.

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