Baby Hazel Farm Tour

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Baby Hazel Farm Tour
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What is Baby Hazel Farm Tour?

Baby Hazel Farm Tour
Dear children,
Baby Hazel returns to our site with a new game for you. Come with Hazel to her uncle's farm and help her with household chores. Hazel loves the farm and loves to learn new things and take care of animals. the game is structured on levels with different degrees of difficulty.

Before you get to the farm, you have to help Hazel put her doll to sleep. But before the doll goes to bed, she has to comb her hair and give her milk to eat. All the while, his uncle will have a coffee and read the morning paper. Help Hazel put her doll to sleep as soon as possible, because her uncle is rushing to the farm, and he wants to have breakfast with his niece.

Once you arrived on the farm, help Hazel discover the animal world and feed it. Each level has a limited time to complete the tasks that Hazel does. Teach Hazel to feed the animals, clean them in the pen, and get to know them. Always follow the bar that indicates how happy Hazel is. Don't let her happiness drop too much, because Hazel will want to go home and start crying and her uncle doesn't want that.

We hope you enjoyed this game, and we invite you to discover more Baby Hazel games on our site, but we are waiting for you to try other games. Have fun.

How to play?

use the mouse

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