Hill Climbing Mania

Hill Climbing Mania

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Hill Climbing Mania
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Hill Climbing Mania Overview


Hill Climbing Mania is here to once again sho why car driving games with hills to climb have been some of the most constant additions to this whole genre, and games that we revisit often, mainly because they are always a great challenge and fun time, and this one is the same, which we highly recommend to newcomers of this format too, as we would hate to see you miss out on this experience!

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What you need to do here is quite simple: drive up the hill with your car, making sure not to get stuck or crash, as the road is quite bumpy, as you should expect from this kind of environment. Before reaching the finish line, try collecting all three stars in a level for the best performance, and to earn lots of coins.

The coins are also collected from the road, and you can then use them in the garage to upgrade your car, changing the engine, grip, and suspension to be able to drive better for the next courses, as the hills get progressively steeper as you finish the levels.

Along the way, pick up the red gas canisters, because if you run out of fuel, you lose, if you can pick the blue containers, they are NOS tanks, and they give you an extra boost of speed which will get you to your finish line faster, which is always better for your performance!

To drive, use A and D or the Right and Left arrow keys, of course. Now that you know all this, feel free to begin, and invite friends to do the same, or check out more car driving games for free as only we can share with you!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use A, D and Left, Right.

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