Anaconda Runner

Anaconda Runner

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Anaconda Runner
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Anaconda Runner Overview


Anaconda Runner represents one of the best new hypercasual running games in 3D, and even more, because it is also a snake game online, which has become really popular as of late, and we can see why, since they're really fun and snakes represent the reptiles that fascinate people the most, without a doubt!

Be the best Anaconda Runner online!

Simply use the mouse or touch controls to control your snake, dragging it on the course, where you have to eat the bubbles up to grow in size and level, and if you see snakes with a lower number than yours, you can eat them up as well, as snakes do that in real life too, and you will gain their number and size to yours.

Of course, you must avoid snakes that are bigger and stronger than you, since you die, and avoid other kinds of obstacles you encounter, since they will make you smaller and weaker, and if you get to zero, you also lose.

The bigger the length you have by the end of a run, the more bonus points you get, and you can use points to upgrade your length and earnings prowess from the main menu between each run.

The courses will keep getting more complicated, with newer obstacles added all the time, but also upgrades, which you should try grabbing and using to your advantage. Good luck, we wish you the best, and hope to see you play even more daily games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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