Christmas Bridge Runner

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Christmas Bridge Runner
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What is Christmas Bridge Runner?

Christmas Bridge Runner

Christmas Bridge Runner is the perfect hypercasual game in 3D that we can offer you here for the holidays, mixing together this format that is becoming increasingly popular, and the most celebrated holiday of the year, where, if you're staying inside because of the cold, it will definitely warm you up inside to play a game such as this one right now!

Try the new Christmas Bridge Runner game!

Use the mouse or finger to move your stickman avatar on the course, where you need to run through and collect the socks with the same color as yourself, and then put them on the outer bounds of the bridge to make it, completing the bridge so that you reach the top, and be the first one if you want to win the race.

You are racing against the other three stickmen, each collecting socks of another color, and in this game, you should know that they can put their own socks on yours and change their color, as you can do against them too.

With the coins you earn from the different levels of the game, buy various upgrades, or maybe even new skins from the shop, using them to your advantage for ultimate fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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