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Noob Runner

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Noob Runner
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Noob Runner Overview


Noob Runner is a hypercasual runner game in 3D like the many ones you've gotten used to so far on our website, but not quite exactly, since it features the world of Minecraft as your course, and Noob as your protagonist, which will elevate this category to new heights, which says a lot, considering it is already one of our most popular ones!

Help the Noob Runner reach his destination!

Use the mouse to move Noob left and right, making sure that he always goes into the blue gates since those will make him bigger, which is quite important, and if you have two blue ones, choose the one with the bigger number, always. Avoid the red gates at all costs, since they decrease your size.

Try reaching the end of each course big, but also collect as many gems between the gates as possible, and maybe you could use them for some new skins or cool upgrades. It is that simple, so now that you've understood, let the fun begin straight away, only here, and maybe invite your friends to it too!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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