Craft Runner

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What is Craft Runner?

Craft Runner

Become a Craft Runner right now and here only on our website, where one of the best new running and jumping games set in the pixelated world of Minecraft has just been added for you all, where we are sure that you will be having a ton of fun from start to finish, just like we've had, which was the main reason for bringing it over!

Let's be the fastest craft runner around!

Tap and hold the left mouse button while dragging it to the left and right in order to run through the pixel forest, where you should give it your best to collect as many gold bars as possible if you want to accumulate a big score.

Avoid the portions of the road that have lava on them, because you lose the game then and there, and if you don't have a choice, create a path for yourself by going through the trees and cutting them with your ax.

Each new level gives you a track and road that is more difficult than the one before, but with enough focus and determination, you will pass them all while having a ton of fun!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.