Craft Runner Mine Rush

Craft Runner Mine Rush

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Craft Runner Mine Rush
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Craft Runner Mine Rush Overview


Rushing games online are already some of the best games you can find and play for free on the internet, but they can only become even better when they also belong to a category such as Minecraft Games, constantly one of the more popular pages here on our website, where we are now delighted to share with you the game called Craft Runner Mine Rush!

Run, jump, and win the Minecraft race online!

The tracks that you dash through with Minecraft's Steve will be made out of three lanes, and you have to use the right and left arrow keys to change lanes, the up key to activate nitro, and with the spacebar you brake.

Not only do you have to fend off the various obstacles that appear on your path and on the road, but you should also avoid the other racers on the tracks, and overtake them.

Along the way there are also coins to be found, so the more of them you collect, the more you increase your score, and they can be used to upgrade your racer in the main menu and make him better and faster!

It's that simple to enjoy this game, so do it right now, and make sure you invite your friends to check it out also, there's no way they will regret playing it, even for a second!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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