Mine & Craft 2048

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What is Mine & Craft 2048?

Mine & Craft 2048

Mine & Craft 2048 brings the highly popular merging game online that has inspired many other games in this genre over the years, and makes it even more interesting and fun not only because of the 3D environment but because it is set in the Minecraft Games world, which is without a doubt one of our most popular categories!

Let's Mine & Craft the 2048 blocks!

Use WASD or the ARROWS, and even the mouse for swiping in order to move the blocks around, having to merge together two blocks of the same number to form one that is double, and keep doing so until you reach 2048, the coveted block that will grant you victory.

As you merge the blocks, know that if you can no longer make moves because you have bloated the screen too much, you lose then and there and have to start again with your first two blocks. New ones get added for you with each new move you make. Good luck, have fun, and see if your friends would also like to play this game!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROWS/MOUSE to move the blocks.

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