Noob Snake 2048

Noob Snake 2048

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Noob Snake 2048
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Noob Snake 2048 Overview


Noob Snake 2048 is a game that not only invites you back into the blocky world of 3D that you know and love so much, but it also manages to combine snake games online with 2048 games online in one single game, in a way you've never experienced before on our website, and having Noob as the head of the snake is only going to make it better!

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Use WASD or the ARROWS to move on the map and collect blocks, with them being in numbers such as 2, 4, 8, and other doubles, and when you collect two identical blocks, they merge to form their double, and so forth.

Your goal is to have blocks with high numbers, in addition to having a long tail of blocks, because when that is the case, you can beat the other characters walking about, if they have smaller cubes than yours.

Of course, if you have a smaller number, you lose instead. We hope to see you win at every step, and we hope you are not stopping here, since tomorrow we return with even more amazing games for you all, none of which you should miss out on, believe us!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys.

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