Naru Runner: Streetway Rush

Naru Runner: Streetway Rush

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Naru Runner: Streetway Rush
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Naru Runner: Streetway Rush Overview


Naru Runner: Streetway Rush represents an endless runner game online with jumping, similar to other games in the genre you know and love, but this one transcends them because it features Naruto, and you will be running around Konoha, one of the most fascinating settings in all of anime, without a doubt!

Start the Streetway Rush with the Naruto Runner!

Use left and right to change lanes, use up to jump, and use down to slide, Use these techniques in order to avoid the obstacles along the course, because if you hit them too much and you lose all lives, you also lose the game.

You should try reaching as further up into the courses as possible, collecting items for a big score, and using them to buy new and cool upgrades or maybe even skins from the shop.

It's that simple, so now that you've surely understood it, having fun with this game is just a click away, and we hope you invite friends to check out our amazing content too, they can never go wrong with what they have to find here!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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