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King Kong Chaos

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King Kong Chaos
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King Kong Chaos Overview


King Kong Chaos represents one of the best remakes of Donkey Kong Games, where you need to climb stairs to survive the really big monkey and use your skills to avoid all of its attacks, something that you do now with some modern graphics, but still in an 8Bit pixel style, to combine new with old and result in one of the best times you can have here, as we did, which we will now explain to you, worry not!

Can you survive the King Kong Chaos?

You control a character that looks like a handyman, and you use the right and left arrow keys for moving, and the up arrow key for jumping, as well as for combining the stairs, using the down arrow if you want to descend them.

Go through the stairs to advance up on the platforms, and reach the final platform up top, where there is a banana that the monkey is protecting, and if you steal it, you clear the level. Of course, King Kong does not want it to happen.

That's why the animal will be throwing barrels down towards you, and you need to avoid them since getting hit means starting all over again from the bottom. Avoid them, get the banana, and win. Catch upgrades from the air as well to use.

You have a bonus point system which is decreasing with time, so the faster you finish a level, the more bonus points you are granted. We wish you the best, fun like only here is possible to have, and we hope to see you for more of it to come!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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