Unicorn Slime Maker

Unicorn Slime Maker

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Unicorn Slime Maker
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Unicorn Slime Maker Overview

Dear children,
If you wanted to learn how to make slime at home and you haven't had the opportunity so far, you can learn to make it now in various predefined forms. Let's slime together and we guarantee you a lot of fun.

To start making slime you must first stop by the store to buy what you need. You will need glue, special powder for slime, defenses, glitter, special shapes for it, a bowl, and of course a bowl in which to mix the composition. Once you have purchased what you need, you can start making the slime according to the instructions.

The game has three game modules: Unicorn Horse, Watermelon Slime, and Magnetic Slime.
In the first Unicorn Horse module, you will learn to make a unicorn-shaped slime. Later, after you have finished making the slime, you have to put the shapes in the appropriate order so that in the end unicorn results.
Watermelon Slime is the module in which you will learn to make a watermelon-shaped slime. You will make it in the real form of melon.
Magnetic Slime is the module in which you can make a magnetic slime that attracts iron or metal things around it.

We hope you enjoyed our game and we invite you to discover other games on our site. Have fun.

How to play?

use the mouse

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