Baby Looney Tunes Match Up

Baby Looney Tunes Match Up

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Baby Looney Tunes Match Up
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Baby Looney Tunes Match Up Overview


The very first Baby Looney Tunes Match Up game online has now been added to our website for each and every one of you, as no matter the age of Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Taz, or Lola Bunny, it's always a good time together, as these are timeless characters, who now want to encourage you to improve your memory skills with some cards featuring images from their lovely show for toddlers!

Match Up the Baby Looney Tunes characters!

After you see the cards and they are turned around, you click on two cards at a time to flip them, and when they are identical, they get matched and remain visible, something you need to do until you've revealed all the pairs of cards. If they are different, remember their position, flip two new cards, and keep at it until you get the pairs.

After a progression of a few levels, you will have some more cards to match up, and so on. It's that simple, and there are many more games with Baby Looney Tunes here that you can find and play, and learn new things with them, so make sure that you stay around and catch them too, keeping the fun going strong!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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