Handy Manny Toy Factory

Handy Manny Toy Factory

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Handy Manny Toy Factory
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Handy Manny Toy Factory Overview


We're going to the Toy Factory with Handy Manny! If you dream of making your own toys, do it virtually right now! It's easy, and you're given all the tools and parts you can imagine. Let's see how creative you can be!

Build toys at Handy Manny's Toy Factory online!

You are given multiple toys that you can create:

  • a firetruck
  • a cube and a sphere
  • a spaceship
  • a car
  • and many others!

Click on the one you want to make at any time, and you can always go back and pick another one. On the right you are given parts you can use. For the truck, you can choose wheels, since it does not have them, or put the emergency ladder on top of it.

All kids can now make their own toys!

After picking it apart, drag it where you think it belongs in the toy. Then, you need to pick the right tool to attach it. You get multiple screws, nails, and even glue. Pick the right tools, so that the pieces stick correctly.

Animate the toy when done. If it falls apart, you did not construct it correctly. Give it another round, and try another plan. This way, step by step you become a better toymaker, and we hope you assemble all of them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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