Go Pups, Go!

Go Pups, Go!

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Go Pups, Go!
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Go Pups, Go! Overview

Dear children,
In this game, the puppies need your help. Their master goes on vacation for a short time, and they are forced to stay home. The puppies are very determined to follow in their master's footsteps and go on vacation too. So, let's help the cute puppies.

First, you will have to follow the destination of their master, and then you will go to him. The route is a combined one: you will have to help them travel either by car or by plane, train, or ship, depending on the route that will lead them to the final destination. Regardless of the means of transport, you must make sure that the cute puppies always have their luggage with them, and that the means of transport be fueled, so that they do not stay on the roads, far from home and from their owner.

During the route, you will encounter obstacles, which you will have to avoid in order not to have accidents on the road. However, you will also find some bonuses that will help the puppies to reach their destination faster. Besides luggage, puppies also need food, right? During the route be very careful and collect all the bones that appear in your way. Along the route is announced, and the dogs will be hungry.

Once at the destination, the dogs will have fun with their owner and will spend a lot of time together. They will be grateful that you helped them.

How to play?

use the mouse

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