Mickey and Spidey Halloween Game

Mickey and Spidey Halloween Game

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Mickey and Spidey Halloween Game
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Mickey and Spidey Halloween Game Overview


Being spooky month, it was quite obvious that there would come a time for Halloween Games with Disney characters to be added on our website, and this is precisely what you are invited to check out right now, where Mickey Mouse, Spidey, and his other Spiderman friends from their latest show are going to be at the forefront, with this arcade game featuring multiple mini ones for you to enjoy!

Have a Halloween extravaganza with Mickey and Spidey!

One of the first formats you can experience here is that of a memory game, only instead of cards, you will have doors that you have to open, and when there are two identical characters behind the two doors you opened, then that is a match, so keep matching until you've done so with all pairs of characters.

Together with Mickey you can play a bubble-popping game where you click on the floating bubbles, only on those shown in the container on the left, getting points each time you pop them right, trying to get a score as big as possible before the time granted for that runs out.

One other game will have you stack pumpkins on top of one another to build a big tower, so click when you want the pumpkins dropped, and don't miss!

The newest game here only features the Spidey gang, and has you jumping from one moving platform to another with your spider-warrior, trying to reach as high into the skies as possible for a big score.

You also get to play a decoration game where you create your dream Halloween scene with characters and items from the show that you've selected to play with. In addition to playing with Mickey and Spidey, you can play some of these mini-games with characters from other Disney Jr shows as well:

  • Vampirina
  • Muppets Babies
  • Puppy Dog Pals
  • Fancy Nancy

The fun you can have for Halloween is now set, so start this game right now, having fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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