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What are The Muppets Games?

The Muppets is a show that appeared in the 1950s on television, in various cartoons and shows, and the purpose of these dolls was to relax the world, to amuse, and relax the atmosphere because most of the time the activity of these dolls were funny. All the dolls created by Jim Henson are unique, funny, and entertaining, which is why they have been easily integrated into various movies and cartoons.

Which are the most popular Muppets?

Kermit the Frog: It is probably the most popular Muppet doll that has the appearance of a green frog, funny, and on the top of the dress she wears a yellow star-shaped necklace.
Miss Piggy: thinks she is a diva, she looks like a piglet, she is always dressed in fashion style, she has her hair done, and most of the time she plays the role of a celebrity.
Fozzie Bear: is a fluffy teddy bear, and his role is to amuse all the other dolls around him. The main quality is the fact that he knows how to make jokes and tries to become a well-known standupper. He has a hat on his head, and on his neck, he wears a white turtleneck with geometric shapes.
The Great Gonzo: is a caricature that looks like a bird, and the main differentiation is made by its nose which is crooked and directed downwards.
Rowlf the Dog: is the embodiment of the cartoon dog, he is brown, has long ears and his main activity is playing the piano.

What kind of Sesame Street Games we can play?

Muppets games are quite easy, they were created especially for small children, those who go to kindergarten or are in the preparatory class, which is why many of these activities that you can do with Muppets dolls are part of it. within the educational activities. In the games you will be able to play, you will be able to learn to count, to color, to contribute your memory, and to start different logical mechanisms for your personal development.

At which TV station we can watch The Muppets cartoons?

The cartoons with the dolls from Sesame Street are broadcast on Disney Channel, but depending on the country you belong to, they can be viewed on another TV station.

The Muppets - The Movie

In 2011 appeared the first animated thread with Muppets dolls that seem to have been a real success. The film was directed by James Bobin and was basically a musical in which you can meet all the dolls.