123 Sesame Street: Detective Elmo - The Cookie Case

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What is 123 Sesame Street: Detective Elmo - The Cookie Case?

123 Sesame Street: Detective Elmo - The Cookie Case

The dolls on Sesame Street think that the Cookie Monster stole the Cookie Painting, and it is not surprising they think that, since he is obsessed with cookies, hence his name, but right now Elmo believes in his friend's innocence, which is why he has become a detective that will unravel the mystery and find the real criminal!

Help Detective Elmo of Sesame Street solve the Cookie Case!

Elmo is not an official detective, so to see the crime scene, he needs to infiltrate the museum to see what really happened there, and this is what you are here to help him do in this stealth game.

To do so, use the mouse to move Elmo, clicking where you want him to go, and you have to click on the tiles which represent checkpoints to do so.

Make sure not to get seen by the chicken guards with their lighters, because if you get seen and caught, your infiltration mission stops there.

Each new room has more security and a more difficult layout, so focus to clear the levels one after another, because it takes hard work and lots of dedication to helping your friend. Good luck, have fun!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.