Sesame Street: Puppy Pet Care

Sesame Street: Puppy Pet Care

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Sesame Street: Puppy Pet Care
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Sesame Street: Puppy Pet Care Overview


Elmo invites you all back to Sesame Street, where right now we invite you to play one of the internet's newest games based around these toy characters we know you love, called Puppy Pet Care, where, as the title suggests, a dog puppy needs to be properly taken care of, and there is no one better to help with that right now than you, we promise!

Help Elmo with Puppy Pet Care on Sesame Street!

In Elmo's room, there will be toys with which to play together with the puppy, there is a radio you can use to listen to music, you can give him a bed to sleep him, and that's just the bedroom since you get to explore the kitchen too, where you cook him food, or the bathroom, where you help the puppy take a shower, so it stays clean.

Don't worry, because the puppy will tell you any kind of thing it needs, and Elmo is there to give you proper instructions on how to do everything, so we are sure that the small dog will be very happy with this new family he is in!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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