Ramp Racers

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What is Ramp Racers?

Ramp Racers

Since this beloved cast of characters has fans all over the world, we're sure that new Sesame Street Games online are always very welcomed by the visitors of our website, just like it is going to be the case right now, when we offer you all the chance to have plenty of fun with Ramp Racers, where you help these Muppets win the races on the ramps!

Ramp racing, the newest fun you can have with the Muppets!

The really awesome thing about the game that you should know from the start is that if you have someone around with who you could and want to play this game with, you can do it since it also has a 2 Player mode, something quite rare for this category.

The goal you have is winning the races, something that you do by dropping golf balls on the ramps, but, the thing is, you are in charge of constructing the ramps.

The ramps can be anything, such as wooden planks, lego pieces, sponges, and anything else that can be in that rectangular shape, and if you arrange them in the right spot, the balls will easily roll.

The two players take turns in dropping the golf balls and racing them, and the player that can't achieve it loses, while the other one wins the race. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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