Mahjong Games

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What are Mahjong Games?

Mahjong Games are one of the most attractive categories of online games because it develops the players' creativity and observational spirit. Your mission will be to find these identical mahjong cards and try to match them as quickly as possible to win points.

What is Mahjong, and where does it come from?

The interesting thing about the games on this page is that mahjong is not a game that appeared out of the development of technology, like so many others here, but instead is a real-life board game originating from China, and it has spread over various other countries in all of Asia, it is a thinking puzzle game with tiles that is played on a board, and which can be played in up to four players, but there are other variants of it as well.
Players that try their hand at mahjong have to be skilled, it is great if they have luck at it, but being strategic and thoughtful will always help them win. Thanks to its accessibility and easy-to-replicate format, it has generated a lot of interest in the world of online gaming, now being lots of variants of the game that you can play, with our website having added the best of them!
The rules of mahjong are not hard to understand, even if it might appear that way in the beginning, so allow us to explain them to you in short, so that you can play the games with ease, even if this is your first time in the category.
The game is usually played with a total of 114 tiles, with each player being handed 13 tiles to start with, and they have to draw tiles and discard them in order to get a full hand of required tiles, with the first player achieving that goal becoming the winner.
Now, because most of the mahjong games online on our website are played by yourself with the computer, what you usually have to do is find tiles that are identical, and if there is no other tile between them, you can create a link between them and have them eliminated from the board.
The players then have to keep on matching the identical mahjong tiles until all the pairs and groups have been taken out of the board, and once it is cleared, you advance to the next level, where you usually have even more tiles to discard and pair.

Our best Mahjong games online with friends

What has made online mahjong such a phenomenon is that the games come in various categories, and their tiles can have different images on them, such as animals, flowers, symbols, numbers, letters, candy, plants, vegetables, fruits, and many others, with some games even having items or characters from shows you love, with Ben 10 or Soy Luna being prime examples.
Start any game on this page you might find interesting right now, and see for yourself why it is worth enjoying them only on our website!