Squid Mahjong Connect

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What is Squid Mahjong Connect?

Squid Mahjong Connect

Squid Mahjong Connect, the definitive mahjong game with Squid Game has been added to our website right now, as combinations between these two things have not been around here before, so this will be something fresh for you to experience, and since mahjong is a classic game from Asian countries, it makes sense to be paired with a television show about Asian games!

Let's play mahjong connect with Squid Game!

Use the mouse to click on two tiles that have the same icon/picture on them, and as long as a clear path/line can be made between them, they are matched and removed, and in return, you gain points. Your goal is to complete the level by matching all of the identical tiles and removing them all.

Now, you should be careful to finish all the levels before the time granted for it runs out because if you've not removed all the tiles before the time runs out, you lose. Good luck and the best we wish you, and we hope that you stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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