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Squid Game or Ojing-eo Geim is a new Netflix television series that captured all the attention with a game inspired by a children's game named "Red Light, Green Light".

The idea of the show is to survive in order to win the big prize: 38 million dollars. Squid Game will put together 456 players that are carefully selected, and the main criteria are to be deeply in debt.

In this series the players will have to compete in multiple kids games, but with deadly penalties. We made our homework and found all the games that are played:

  1. Red Light, Green Light: This is a very old game that many of you will remember. The rules are very simple - when the scary doll is saying 'red light', the player must stop, and when it says 'green light', the player has to run in order to win the game
  2. Honeycomb or Dalgano Candy: To win this one, you have to carefully extract a shape of a circle, triangle, umbrella, or a start from a honeycomb.
  3. Marbles: When you first see this, it seems to be very easy to play, but to win this you have to put all the marbles, 20, in the conclusion. Here, all the players had to have a partner that they chose at the start of the Squid Game.
  4. Tug of War: This is another popular child game where you need to pull a large rope in your side. The worst thing here is that the players are tight together with a chain so that if the team is losing, and one of the competitors is falling, he will drag all the team down.
  5. Glass Bridge: One glass is temperate glass that supports a player, the other one is just a normal glass.
  6. The Squid Game: This is the last game that they have to play, and this is an old Korean game from the 70'. 

A fun fact about this show is that the writer - Hwang, made the scripts in 2008, but it seems impossible to find a producer to make the film, until now. Like other productions, Squid Game receives good and bad reviews regarding the idea of the show, how violent it is, acting, music, or costumes.

If you are physical, survival or logical game addicted, then these games will be perfect for you.