Squid Game 2D

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What is Squid Game 2D?

Squid Game 2D

Thanks to the advancement that has been happening in the world of browser gaming, most of the squid games you've played in this category so far have looked really well and been in 3d, but today we are offering you a bit of a retro vibe since you get the chance to have fun with Squid Game 2D, where you take part in Red Light, Green Light, but with only two dimensions, which we are sure you will really enjoy as well!

Time to win the Squid Game, this time in 2D!

Well, you will hold the left mouse button to run forward with the crowd of other competitors but have to stop once the doll turns around and stops counting, since that is when the red light is on, and if you're still moving while the red light started, you will be shot, and you lose.

Before the time granted for the race, cross the finish line only during the green light to win, because if you're caught on the other side of the line when the time limit is done, you once again get shot and lose.

Good luck to each and every one of you, and we hope to see you try more games of this category since it is currently the hottest one we have!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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