Squid Game: The Revenge

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Squid Game: The Revenge
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What is Squid Game: The Revenge?

Squid Game: The Revenge

The Revenge is the new game inspired by the Netflix movie Squid Game in which you have to torture the three guards and the robot doll until you manage to kill them. In order to kill them, you will have to shoot at them with different weapons that you have in play until you manage to finish the four lives of each character.

Are you ready to take revenge against the guards?

In the beginning, you will have only 50 points that you have to use to buy your first weapon, which will be a very simple and rudimentary one, a set of very good sharp pencils that you can use to sting the enemies in the game. After you manage to commit the first crimes you will be able to go to the next level and buy other weapons that you can use more effectively in the game to destroy your enemies.

On the right, top, you have a basket, where you can buy what weapons you want depending on how much money you have: pawns - 200 points, syringe - 300 points, spear - 600 points, and other weapons much more strong. To reach the final level of the game you will have to destroy the three guards: Circle, Triangle, and Square. Each guard draws a geometric figure that symbolizes his name.

After you manage to destroy the three guards you will be able to go to the last level, The Doll, which will be the hardest to pass.

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse to fight!

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