Squid Game Honeycomb

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What is Squid Game Honeycomb?

Squid Game Honeycomb

Our category dedicated towards online games based around Netflix's Squid Game gets bigger and better by the day, just like it is happening right at this moment, when we want to invite you all to play and have tons of incredible fun with the game known as Squid Game Honeycomb, where you will have a live-or-die challenge to take part in, at the end of which you can win a lot of money!

Survive the Honeycomb challenge and get the big prize money!

For starters, you can only have the avatar of the original Player 456, but you can unlock more of them as you go down the road, each avatar having been inspired by the five main characters in the show. The game can also be played in four levels of difficulty: easy, normal, hard, expert.

In the honeycomb, you will have a shape, such as a triangle, square, circle, umbrella, and many others, with the difficulty of the shapes getting bigger level after level. Use the mouse to draw on their outline, doing so in order to cut the shape out of the candy, but don't draw bad, because if you mess up the shape, you lose.

You earn points at the end of a level, so we hope you aim for a big score, and to finish all the levels. Good luck with that!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.