Squid Game Running Mobile

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What is Squid Game Running Mobile?

Squid Game Running Mobile

Running is what will now give you the Squid Game prize money in a brand new mobile-friendly game we highly recommend for all the fans of this show to play, and we recommend you even if you don't know the series, but love running and jumping games with obstacle courses, as there's a good reason these are classic games to find and play!

Let's run and win Squid Game!

Your green tracksuit player runs forward through the track automatically, with you having to tap on the screen to make him jump, and if you want to make his double jump, tap again when in mid-air.

Jump over the pits, over the TNT, and over any other kinds of obstacles and traps, you find along the way, since you need to try and make a distance as big as possible if you want a big score.

Along the course you find coins, so try collecting as many of them as you can too, since they represent your prize money, and players entered Squid Game for money in the first place.

You only have three lives, so hitting those obstacles/traps three times leads to you losing, something we hope does not happen to you. Good luck, and all the best we want to wish you instead!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.