Squid Game Fighting

Squid Game Fighting

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Squid Game Fighting
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Squid Game Fighting Overview


Are you ready for a beating game inspired by the famous Squid Game? Well, this time you will have to train in a fighting game with the robot doll, The Doll, as well as with the guards you have around you. As players, you will have to control the doll, and the guards who are dressed in green and red will come to you to beat you.

Street fights with the robot doll

Along with The Doll, you will have to go through this route full of adventures and dangers inspired by the Squid Game, but if you have played such action games before, it will be quite easy for you to fight with all the characters that come to you. you. At the top of the game, you have an indicator that shows you your life as well as the life of the enemy so that you know how far you have to advance in the game until you manage to pass each level. Use your hands, feet, and fists to win every mission in this game. Be careful because several enemies will come at you at once, which can be quite difficult for the character you are defending.

How to play?

  • E Button to hand kick
  • X Button to leg kick
  • C Button to defense
  • Arrows Button to move

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