Squid Game Dalgona Challenge

Squid Game Dalgona Challenge

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Squid Game Dalgona Challenge
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Squid Game Dalgona Challenge Overview


One of the games that western audiences were not familiar with in Netflix's Squid Game has the Dologna Challenge, also known as Honeycomb, which was the second contest featured in the show, and which you can now finally take part in yourself, on our website, through one of the best new online games of the category!

Cut the shape in the biscuit to stay alive!

Start by picking one of four shapes that you can cut out of the sugar desert:

  • circle
  • star
  • triangle
  • umbrella

You will use a needle to cut the shape up and to use it you either click on the green button or press the spacebar. The shape needs to be taken out before the time goes out on you, or else you lose that level.

Be careful about the crack meter, because if you repeatedly click or tap the spacebar too much, and the meter fills up to the red area, the shape will be cracked wrong, and you lose the game, just like contestants lost in the show.

This is a game where focus and skill are the two most important attributes you need to win it, so good luck towards it, since that is also useful, and make sure to further check out this cool category!

How to play?

Use the mouse, spacebar.

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