Space Squid Game Challenge

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What is Space Squid Game Challenge?

Space Squid Game Challenge

The Squid Game category of our website keeps on growing and developing day after day, which is why we are very happy that right in this moment we can share with you the awesome new game known as Space Squid Game Challenge, where you take part in the Red Light, Green Light game, but you now do it on an alien planet!

Win the Space Squid Game to get some of that intergalactic money!

You will use the mouse to move your avatar, which resembles the main character of the show, dragging and holding the mouse to advance, as you have to make sure to reach the end of the course before the time goes out on you, and do it being alive, of course.

Why do we say that? Well, you can only move during the time that the green light is on, so if you see the red light appear, stop moving, or you are going to die.

The game is that simple, so start right now, and make sure to try it right away, and maybe invite friends to have fun with it as well, they won't regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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