Squid Game: Shooting Survival

Squid Game: Shooting Survival

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Squid Game: Shooting Survival
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Squid Game: Shooting Survival Overview


There has been a lot of shooting with guns done in the Squid Game tv show on Netflix, so of course, that would translate into some shooting games 3d with Squid Game online, just like the one that we are about to share with you right now and here, the first of its kind, so missing out on it should definitely be out of the question, especially since we know for a fact how much you love this brand new category!

Go on a killing spree as the red man!

For starters, learn how to control your red man avatar, who you only have one at the start, but you can unlock more of them with the experience points that you win. Move and drive with W, A, S, D, mouse to aim and shoot, F to get a weapon, enter/exit a vehicle, shift to run, space to jump, CTRL to jump forward.

The goal you have is simple, and it is to go around the desert environment from the Green Light, Red Light game, killing all the people you encounter, shooting them down, and bringing them down before they can do the same to you, since you will also be attacked, and, if you die, you have to start again.

The more you kill and survive, the more experience points you get, and the more coins you can collect, improving your performance and rising in the ranks of the supervisors. Start now, have fun, and make sure to tell your friends about this category too, they will love it here!

How to play?

Use the W, A, S, D keys, mouse, spacebar, shift key, CTRL key, F key.

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