Squid Match Game

Squid Match Game

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Squid Match Game
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Squid Match Game Overview


The Squid Match Game is the memory game you needed to play right now, since the Squid Game category of our website does not have many entries with this genre, and this one even brings its own flavors to the table and does something a bit different, which is why playing it is a must even for non-fans of the show!

Let's match the Squid Game cards!

Unlike most other memory games, in addition to the levels where you have to match pairs of cards, in further levels, you have to match three cards, or four cards, which makes things a bit more difficult.

Other than that, you do it in the same way, clicking on cards to flip them around, and when they are the same, and you reveal all of them, they get eliminated.

Match and eliminate all groups of identical cards with Squid Game characters to finish the level, and have fun by finishing all the levels and having the most fun possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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