Squid Game: Tentacle Assassin 3D

Squid Game: Tentacle Assassin 3D

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Squid Game: Tentacle Assassin 3D
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Squid Game: Tentacle Assassin 3D Overview


Tentacle Assassin 3D is a new kind of Squid Game online, mainly because you've got actual squids in it, as it is not a metaphor, and it is also one of the best new stealth attacking games we've had in a while, which combines action and puzzle-solving skills into one, and with this hypercasual framework and style, we're sure you will love it even more so!

Become a Tentacle Assassin 3D to win the Squid Game!

With WASD, the ARROWS, or the mouse you will control the tentacle of a squid which you can extend for a limited length, which you need to do to assassinate all the guards without staying in their eyesight too much because if they catch and shoot you, you lose.

Instead, dispose of them at each level, and make sure that you also collect money along the way, or various power-ups, so that you can get upgrades in your squid run, or make them between the levels. It's that simple, so now that you've understood, feel free to begin right now, try finishing all the levels, and make sure to stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, ARROWS, or the MOUSE, touch controls for the mobile devices.

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