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Published10.01.2022 is one of the coolest destroying games online our website has recently had, and the main reason for that is because it is a game where you destroy to fight against other people from all over the world, not just for the sake of it, making this a multiplayer 3d experience you are bound to enjoy from start to finish!

Become a monster among monsters!

The first avatar that you are able to use is that of a huge monkey, but, down the road, you can use the money you earn to acquire avatars of other monsters. Use the mouse to move through the city, where you should stop on players and guards from Squid Games, as they are NPCs, and smashing them down will raise your level for each of them.

Get to have a higher level, destroy buildings, cars, and structures around you for extra money, and hit into other enemies, real ones, moving on the map, because if they are of a lower level, you defeat them, and when you're the last one standing in the room, you won. You should then get new skins and keep the fun going in other monster fights against players from all over the world!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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