Squid Game Big Pain

Squid Game Big Pain

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Squid Game Big Pain
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Squid Game Big Pain Overview


You know how they say, right? No pain, no gain, and this are not truer than when it comes to Squid Game on Netflix and the category of games based around it from our website, where right now we want to invite you a game known as 'Big Pain', where you risk getting hurt really bad for some money, just like in the show, but you do it a bit different, so let's see how it works!

Grab the money, keep your hand!

On the other side of a guillotine, there will be a sum of money for you to grab, and you will use the mouse to do it, controlling the hand. Take the hand and go through the trap, and click to grab the cash, after which you have to draw your hand back, without the saw cutting it because if that happens, you lose.

If you achieve that once, you then move on to the next level, where you can earn an even bigger sum of money, but the trap gets faster, so you need to focus even more than before. Good luck we want to wish you all, and definitely invite you to check out more content from this awesome category!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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