Squid Game - Real Life

Squid Game - Real Life

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Squid Game - Real Life
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Squid Game - Real Life Overview


The newest Greenlight, Redlight game is now published in the Squid Game category and we invite you to test it because it is a slightly different game from the other games tested so far in this category. What makes it different is the graphics of the game which are very real, inspired by reality, and in this way, you can experience the emotions of the real game.

The fight for survival begins when the green light starts!

As you can see, there are many players in the game waiting to start the fight for survival. When The Doll tries his back and the green light comes on, you will be able to go to the tree where the robot doll is. Be very careful in time, because you will have to move as fast as possible to be able to fit in the timer that is hanging in the tree. If you make a move before the red light stops, you will have to know that you are dead, the soldiers, the guards guarding the tree will shoot at you with a machine gun, dozens of bullets until you die, and the game will have to start from new.

Tips & Trips

In order to be able to take a few more steps in front of the other players, we recommend you to keep an eye on the doll, because you will be able to run towards the tree until the doll returns. So, you will be able to gain a few extra seconds from the moment the red LED starts until the doll turns completely towards you.

How to play?

Use the arrows to move.

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