Doll Fight Huggy

Doll Fight Huggy

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Doll Fight Huggy
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Doll Fight Huggy Overview


Doll Fight Huggy is one of the best Squid Game x Poppy Playtime crossover games you are ever going to play here, where the doll from the Red Light Green Light game hates the popularity of the Huggy Wuggy doll, which is why it wants to take them all out in a fight, which is what you're here to help with!

Help Doll to Fight Huggy!

Firstly, know that in each level the course gets bigger, which means you will fight off against more and more hordes of Huggy Wuggy dolls that are chasing and attacking you. Use the mouse to attack them instead, swiping towards them to hit them, and the more you hit in one slash, the better.

Don't get overpowered by the creepy blue dolls, or you will lose. Now you know how simple the game is, so we hope you're ready to give it its best and have total amounts of fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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