Arrow Squid

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What is Arrow Squid?

Arrow Squid

Arrow Squid is one of the latest additions of our team over to the Squid Game category, always a beloved fixture here, since it is based around the world's most popular TV show, and you can now play an exciting arrow shooting game and flying game unlike anything else you've played here before!

Shoot the arrow at the Squid enemies!

An arrow starts the course flying, and you move it using the right and left arrow keys, having to go through the gates with additions and multipliers, because those math equations take place and grow the number of arrows you have. The more arrows you have, the better are your chances of hitting and eliminating the Squid Game guards and doll at the end.

Achieve that to clear each level, but be careful not to go through the gates that deplete your arrows and make you lose them, or you might fail the level. It's that simple, so start shooting the arrows right now, and have fun with even more games from the page after this one!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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