Squid Game Obstacle Runner

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What is Squid Game Obstacle Runner?

Squid Game Obstacle Runner

Welcome all to Squid Game Obstacle Runner, which is a different experience from everything else we have previously added into the Squid Games category of our website, this being an obstacle course game in 3d where you play the role of a red guard, running like hell and like you've never done before!

Help the Squid Game guard run through all the obstacle courses!

Press and hold the left mouse button on your mouse in order to accelerate with the guard through the course, which you will do automatically through the line, and you need to reach the end of it while getting past the obstacles. The obstacles will be rotating ones, and their number increases, and so does their speed and difficulty to avoid, from one level to another.

Release the mouse if you wish to stop, and only move through the obstacle at the right time, making sure it does not touch you because you then lose. Good luck, try to see if you can complete all the levels, no matter how difficult they become, and stick around to see what more amazing games are still on their way for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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