Squid Game Glass Bridge

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What is Squid Game Glass Bridge?

Squid Game Glass Bridge

The Glass Bridge was without a doubt one of the competitions with the highest stakes and the most challenging one to participate in as well as watch from Squid Game, and now you get the awesome chance of taking part in it directly through an awesome online 3d game titled after it, where we will now teach you what to do so that even those new to this whole world can have fun!

Cross the glass bridge and survive!

Your goal is to get across the bridge to the other side without dying, with the bridge being made out of glass tiles, some of them hardened, so you can easily step on them and they won't break, or the tempered glass ones, which instantly break and you will die. Use the arrows to jump from one to another. You can choose to play the game at a level of difficulty from one to five.

Also, you have one minute to cross the bridge, so, if you move too slow, you will also die, because all the glass tiles will explode when the timer reaches zero seconds. Good luck to you, we wish you the best and hope to see you around in this category and many others, even more, we've got the best games for you, as usual!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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