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RLGL Arena

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RLGL Arena
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Wow! You now get to play a Squid Game with five players on our website! Yes, up to five of you can get together and take part in the highly-popular Red Light, Green Light game that had been made extremely popular by the first episode of this Netflix show, whose rules we are sure you already know if you've watched it, but if not, worry not, as we will get you up to date right now, and make sure that you have an amazing time, as usual!

Who of you will survive the race for money and survival?

As we said, the game is playable with up to five real players, with you choosing the number from the start of the game, and each of you has a key that they need to press when they want to move forward, and which you stop pressing when you want to stay still. The keys are Q, P, Y, X, M.

The other contestants will be controlled by the game's AI. You have one minute to reach and cross the finish line before the tree. At the tree, there is a mechanical doll that will count while the green light is on and turn back towards you when the red one activates.

You can only move during the green light, because if you move while you have the red light, you will get shot, and you lose then and there. The first player to cross the red line alive and in time wins. Good luck we wish all of you, and invite you to have the best time possible with even more Squid Games for free only on our website!

How to play?

Use the Q, P, Y, X, M keys.

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