5 Player Games

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What are 5 Player Games?

5 Player Games is a category of online games that we created especially for five children who want to play board games on the same computer. Although there are not many 5 Player Games that can be played on the same computer, we will try to publish in this category the most interesting and coolest games of this type. Most of the time these games are part of other categories of interest, but you can unlock more players depending on how many of you are at once on a computer.

The vast majority of 5-player games are flash, which is why you'll have to learn how to activate your player to support flash play, but more recently game creators have managed to create HTML5 games that work so well. on the computer as well as on the phone without the need to create a new game mode. The vast majority of games in this category will be a skill, in which you will have to jump, run, push the other players.

To access the unblocked version of the games if you want to play at school, you can enter incognito mode and play all these games in this way.