Game of the Goose

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What is Game of the Goose?

Game of the Goose

Our team knows really well how important and beloved board games online are, especially in these days when it might be more difficult for the kids and adults playing them to get together and do it, which is why we always bring the best browser versions of them for you, just like we are doing in this moment of Game of the Goose, otherwise known simply as Goose Game online!

Play the goose's game with up to three of your friends!

If you're by yourself, you can always play just against the computer, but this is a 4-player game that allows you to also try out the 2P, 3P, and 4P modes, all of you using the mouse in turns.

The rules are simple: you throw dices, they roll, and the number on them shows you the number of moves you can make ahead on the board, the goal being to reach the final tile the first one.

There are bonus squares that you can land on, and they will help you get ahead faster, but some of them are traps, and if you're unlucky to fall on them, you will probably get behind and others will outrun you.

Great strategy and good luck will help you prevail, so we wish you the best, and invite you to stick around all day long, since more awesome games are still on their way!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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