House of Hazards

House of Hazards

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House of Hazards
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House of Hazards Overview


Welcome to the House of Hazards! In this interesting multiplayer game, you need to try and reach the goal while the other players try to knock you out through the various hazards found in the house. You can also knock other players out with hazards when their turn comes around.

You and the other players must first choose a ragdoll character from the selection. After that, the game can start! You will spawn at the start of the house and you need to reach the end of the room for the goal such as finishing housework, but the other players will try to desperately stop you! In the house you will find many hazards you will need to watch out for. Your character can jump and also duck to get over obstacles such as tables, trees, etc.

The hazards can be anything, you really cannot predict where the hazard will knock you out. It can be an evil chandelier that will try and bump you in the head, a cabinet door that will try to knock you out, or even hot water straight from the kitchen tap and flying exploding toast from the toaster! If you or the other players fail to knock you out with a hazard, that same hazard will get a cooldown until it can be used again, you must time your hit correctly.

There is a time trial mode where you must finish the goals you are given in the shortest time you possibly can. In this mode the hazards will not knock you out completely but will slow you down significantly, affecting your end time. After you finish a time trial game and you win, you will be able to unlock a random character from the chest.

Are you ready to enter the House of Hazards?

How to play?

P1: WASD to move. P2: J to move left, L to move right, K to fire/crouch, I to jump. Other players need controllers/gamepads to play.

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