Chloe's Merge: House Design

Chloe's Merge: House Design

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Chloe's Merge: House Design
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Chloe's Merge: House Design Overview


Chloe's Merge: House Design is a merge and puzzle game with matching games elements which also has a storyline, as Chloe has inheritted an old house, and she wants to clean it up, re-decorate it, and put it to good use, especially since the ghosts of people who lived there are encouraging her to do so, which will help them move on to the afterlife, finally. Let's see more about what to do!

Help Chloe's Merge and House Design online!

To complete the tasks you are given, such as cleaning up, throwing trash out, repairing the house, adding new furniture, painting the walls, and everything else that is required in a house makeover online, you will need items to make them happen, for which you will merge other items to bring them into reality.

Of course, you move items around using the mouse or touch controls, making two of the same kind merge into a new one, and keep at it until you get your required items to finish the levels. You also earn money and rewards from doing the merging, and you can use them to buy new items, upgrades, and fun stuff to help you.

The more you merge, clean, and decorate, the better the house will look, which starts out drab, but will certainly turn into a ray of light!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Find two identical items and drag them into one another to merge them into a new object.
  • Buy boxes from the shop with your money.
  • Finish all the merging levels to get all the stars in return!

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