Merge Dinosaur: Jurassic World

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What is Merge Dinosaur: Jurassic World?

Merge Dinosaur: Jurassic World

Merge Dinosaur: Jurassic World is the latest example of how well-done and fun merge and fight games online can be, with this being a mobile-friendly new addition to this genre, a hypercasual game too, in 3D, and the fact that it has dinosaurs is going to make it one of the best new experiences that you can have here, as we will now explain more about it!

Merge Dinosaur and conquer the Jurassic World!

With the mouse or touch controls, you buy units of dinosaurs, and you can take two of the identical types to merge them together and create a dinosaur of a higher level. You can also add units of archers, and other types of prehistoric warriors, as you should always level up and get a bigger army to use.

If you overtake your enemy's dino and caveman army, you advance the level, but if they overpower you instead, you lose and need to start again from scratch.

It's that fun and simple, as you can obviously see right now, but each new level becomes more difficult than the last, so you should also think up better strategies the more that you play! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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