Giant Sushi Merge Master Game

Giant Sushi Merge Master Game

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Giant Sushi Merge Master Game
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Giant Sushi Merge Master Game Overview


Giant Sushi Merge Master Game is another amazing suika game online you can play here, this time with food items from Japan, which makes sense since this kind of merge game got really popular there, but instead of watermelon, which they already love, you've got their national and most popular food, sushi items, so plenty of fish and rice!

Try the best Giant Sushi Merge Master Game online!

The goal you have is to reach the final piece of sushi in the evolution of the food, as you mix the items in the box, making sure not to remain out of space to drop them and merge them, because if that happens, you lose then and have to stop there.

Use the mouse or touch controls to drop the food from the top, and aim it so that two identical bits drop or roll into one another, which means they merge and evolve into the next one in the food chain.

There are three types of power-ups you can use, but only twice each through the entire game, so don't waste them, use them wisely when you really need them. Start right now, improve skills, and check out more of our amazing daily content!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Don't run out of space in the box to merge food, or you lose.
  • Use three types of power-ups and clues when you need them.
  • Get surprises from the game as you evolve the food!

Game Walkthrough

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Artem Lanin

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