Merge Gangster Heist VI

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Merge Gangster Heist VI
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What is Merge Gangster Heist VI?

Merge Gangster Heist VI

Merge Gangster Heist VI is a robbery game, as you can expect from any and all other GTA Games online from our website, but this one is going to be a bit different since it is a hypercasual game in 3D that you can play on mobile devices too, where you use the strategic move of merging to get the best results, something we will now explain how is done, so you can start at once!

Merge Gangster Heist VI to make the robbery happen!

Merge units of gangsters together to be able to have stronger ones, and then take them out to the banks, which you rob, and then face the police officers that start attacking you, which you must defeat if you have more units or stronger ones, and then you can plan your next robbery.

Of course, for each new one, you should focus on getting more units, merging more of them, and becoming stronger so that no matter how many cops come after you, you stay ahead. Of course, power-ups, gear, weapons, and other items can also be bought with your money.

Use the mouse to merge units, but also to rob the banks, making sure to get the most money possible out of each location before you leave. Good luck, great time merging, and the best time possible we wish for each of you!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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